Saturday, December 22

Strange feeling of Déjà vu

At any point in your life, have you ever got a feeling that
"Hey, i have been through this seen before"
"I have experienced this instance in my life sometime back already."?
Thats exactly Déjà vu is all about.

The term "Déjà vu" means "already seen" in French(also called paramnesia) .Its a Feeling as if one has lived through or experienced this moment before.Its a sensation that a new experience has occurred before. I am sure each one of us in life would have felt this feeling of Déjà vu. There is nothing wrong with people who have these feelings.It may occur in people without any medical problems.

Have you ever thought why does this kind of things happen in our lives? did u ever try and spend time analyzing the reasons behind these? First time when i had this Déjà vu, i thought something wrong with me! that time i didn't know that Déjà vu is the name given to such feelings. I was very curious to know why this happens? I found answers like "this is a feeling of paramnesia. This occurs due to a simple partial seizure". But,i was not happy with those answers.After a lot of thought process this is what i felt about Déjà vu:

According to karma theory (law of cause and effect),our present deeds,actions act as seeds for our future. The results may be immediate or at later stage. Relation between our past,present and future is stored somewhere in deep corners of our traces of our past, present and resulting future-acts are already there in our memory(Very secure portion). So Deja vu is one such feeling we experience when we reach that corner of our memory (where the future acts are already stored). Because it is there in memory,mind feels that this seen is already over in our life. How often one experiences the feeling of Deja vu ? Not that frequent in most of the people. Because it is not always that easy to reach out to that secure portion of our memory!

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