Wednesday, December 26

New year New Resolutions New Goals

As another year passes by, and a fresh new year warmly greets you with a hope, it's time for you to give a serious thought about somethings of the present year.

Things that you dreamt of achieving(short term goals).
Things that you desired to accomplish.
Things that you wanted learn.

How many of your resolutions of this year did u fulfill??
How many of your goals did u achieve?

If you have achieved few of goals and fulfilled some of your resolutions,make a note of these:

What are the positives which you got out of them?
What are the things you learnt in the process, which will add value to you?
How effective were you in achieving your goals?

If you are not able achieve some of your goals,identify the following:

What are the faults in you which prevented you from reaching your destination?
what is the lacuna in your skills?
In what areas you are lagging and need improvement?

If you give a serious thought to the above points,and take a proper action(plan a mechanism by which you can overcome your drawbacks.) then u will surely succeed in all the things u dream of!

Life is not about
what you Feel, or what you Dream.
Life is all about
what you Plan and what you actually Do.

When ever we think of a new year, we are so eager to make new Resolutions,set new goals.But actually how serious are we in achieving them??

New year doesn't mean just forgetting about our past years and starting a is all about caching on our positives and eliminating negatives to become more confidant,brave person.

It is only when we think of these things,every year in our life counts, otherwise many new years will come and go, but we will never improve.

Forget about your failures, but Never forget the lessons out of them

I wish You all
A Very Happy ,Prosperous and Successful New Year


Gin said...

Wish you a very Happy New year Rajesh !! Let me book mark your page now.

CassAmino said...

Hi Rajesh, Happy New Year and Hapy Sankranti to you. Glad to have come across you, I wuld ilke to talk to you about a web app am developing on RoR framework