Thursday, February 7

Addiction The Greatest disease

Last week ,India had seen heavy service problems with the internet connection. Problems were because, some of the undersea cables near Alexandria, Egypt, France were cut by the passing ships. It had been week of loneliness , solitude for me! Really, internet had become such a vital and necessary thing in our lives today, with out it ,we feel numb. Its only in this week i realized how addicted i became to the net.not only me, i am sure there are many in India(across the world for that matter)like me.
Addiction is such a dangerous disease one can develop in life. like smoking, drinking , this net-addiction may not spoil our health. but it surely effects more important thing in our life. i.e Time .
Time is so precious. Once lost time can never be retrieved back.

Of course these are cliched sentences , but no harm , only gain reminding them.
So one has to analyse how much time he/she is spending on net for
checking mails,Learning new information,News,entertainment etc..Then only one will know how effectively he/she is using his/her time on net daily.
Is the amount of time one spend on net is really worth??Its a question for each and everyone of us to ponder and reflect on!
So spend your time on net effectively. Don't fall in the trap of Net-addiction.

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Manoj Batula said...

Addiction can be very dangerous indeed.. but sometimes, it can also contribute positively depending on what one is addicted to..